Unveiling the ageless beauty - Paneer

Unveiling the ageless beauty - Paneer

Paneer butter masala; Paneer bhurji; Shahi paneer; simply hearing these absolutely divine paneer dishes gives you a thrill, doesn’t it? We enjoy this centuries-old delicacy with a countless number of side dishes, masalas, rice, or even better, just by itself. Ever since the oldest recorded habitants of India invented a way to make this cloud of pure contentment, paneer has been in our hearts and our plates no matter the time of day!

 Be it feasting on some succulent, bursting-with-flavor paneer tikka with family for Diwali or just savoring a winter afternoon by yourself with a glass of masala tea and a plate of paneer pakodas, all of these simple joys of life involve a beloved key ingredient. An element which we, at Desi Dukan, have strived to perfect for all of you!  

In all your years of buying from various producers, you might have cracked the case for understanding what makes or breaks the quality of a block of paneer. In the case that you’re a newbie to purchasing paneer, don’t worry as we are to tell you what to look for. 

 The best and most cherishable paneer is one that is as white as can be, free of dirt or any potential additives. It is spongy, and it’s crumbly but holds itself together till it’s crushed or chewed on. And most importantly, it practically melts in your mouth with no trace of stiff powder-like consistency. Our fresh malai paneer has all those attributes and more, leaving an unmatchable customer satisfaction and an impression on your palette which can only be met with another bite! 

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